Participation provision

One song from Classical Ballet / Variation (freedom of selection)

Or one song from contemporary variations (freedom of selection)


In the case of participating in both departments, one song from classical ballet variegation (freedom of selection)

It becomes one song (freedom of selection) from contemporary variations.


Time limit: Within 3 minutes Accompaniment music: CD source only


※ Please note that it will be disqualified if it is overtime.

※ For copyrighted music, please be sure to do procedures on your own. The competition takes no responsibility.

Entry fee

【Classic · Variation】

22,000 yen


【Contemporary · Variation】

22,000 yen


【Participation in both classical and contemporary sectors】

28,000 yen



¥ 9,000


※ We will present a commemorative T - shirt to competition participants.

※ Please note that participation fee after application can not be refunded.

Workshop tour entrance fee

1000 yen (limited to leaders) 


Application method

Please send by application form or FAX.

Application period

September 3, 2016 (Saturday) - Deadline as it becomes capacity


About shooting

※ Pictures taken by individuals in the hall are forbidden.

※ In the scholarship there is the right to participate in the International Ballet Competition.

Please acknowledge that photographers will accompany you as document photography during overseas tours.