Kaori Fukui

I interviewed Ms. Kaori Fukui who participated in the main selection overseas (Korea International Ballet Competition).

Q. How did you get involved in KIBC?

A. I was invited by a partner who is dancing together in the ballet team. I participated in the competition at Paddu Division.


Q. What kind of variation did you dance at the competition?

A. Grand Pas de Not of the third act from Don Quijote in qualifying. The semi-finalist is contemporary. In the final round, I danced Diana and Action's Grand Pas de Dou from Esmeralda.


Q. What was your first impression when you participated in the competition?

A. It is impressive that the stage was very big. Since the depth is also deep, we did carefully at the occasion during the rehearsal.


Q. How did you spend during the period?

A. From the hotel to the venue was a bus for the competition participants but on a long day from the rehearsal until the actual time, we used a taxi to return to the hotel, take a nap and do a foot bath Then we challenged ourselves with the flow of heading to the venue again. I spent walking with my relaxation as I took a walk in the city on the day without a turn.


Q. What was the impression of another country's ballet dancer?

A. Everyone was an impression full of confidence confidently. I remember being overwhelmed by the height of the level.


Q. How was the atmosphere of the rehearsals and workshops held during the period?

A. At the rehearsal, workshop and dressing room everyone was friendly atmosphere. If there is something you do not understand, the staff of the management staff and the dancers participating from the local Korea gently taught us.


Q. Did you have anything different from the competition in Japan?

A. About airports in Korea Shuttle buses for contest participants were prepared immediately, and snacks were prepared for dancers in the venue during the competition.


Q. How was the atmosphere of the audience?

A. Clapping and cheering also increased while I was dancing, which was very exciting.


Q. Were there other scholarships, etc. in addition to the awards?

A. I got a prize in addition to the award.


Q. Do you think that it was a good thing to participate in KIBC?

A. It was a good stimulus because there are not many opportunities to see the dances of other countries' dancers of the same age near at hand. Also, since we are connected later on Facebook this time, I am encouraged to listen to everyone's current situation and good news. Because I reunited with another international competition, I think that the encounter I got from participating in KIBC was very good.


Q. Can you tell me about Mr. Fukui's activity situation then?

A. I belonged to a ballet group in Florida, USA until the spring of 2014. From the autumn of the same year I am working as a principal dancer at Eugene Ballet Company in Oregon, USA. Every year from May to August in the off-season, I returned to Japan and appeared as a guidance and guest for presentations and performances.


Q. Thank you for your advice to dancers who will join KIBC in the future.

A. In the beginning, I think that it is hard to be mentally and physically difficult in an unfamiliar environment, but also please enjoy enjoying exchanging moderately and interacting with other countries' dancers unique to international competitions. I hope that everyone can do their best.