Seu Kim

TWBT received the Senior Division · Silver Award. He won the scholarship and participated in the Korea International Ballet Competition and was awarded the splendid Korea Ballet Foundation Award. In addition, he won a silver prize at the 27th Varna International Ballet Competition and Junior department. I interviewed Mr.Seu Kim (belonging to the Royal Swedish Ballet).

Q. Please tell us what you are careful about and doing important with your regular lesson.

A. For me, I am trying to concentrate most importantly, and I think that practice results will change with concentration.


Q. Please tell me the chance to participate in TWBT?

A. When I thought about participating in the KIBC competition, I just knew there was a Japanese preliminary contest in this competition and participated.


Q. Please tell us what you think is good to join TWBT.

A. I think that it was best that I met a judge and various people. Thank you very much for your help during the KIBC period because of the support from the staff of TWBT.


Q. I will ask about KIBC. What kind of variation did you dance at KIBC?

A. I danced with a wide variety of dances such as prince and flashy system, not one pattern.


Q. How did you spend during the KIBC period?

A. I received a class from the morning, I had a stage rehearsal the day before the judging, a workshop etc. on the day without a judgment and I was relaxing in the afternoon in the afternoon!


Q. How was the impression of another country's ballet dancer at KIBC?

A. Especially the Koreans remained impressive for techniques and self-assertive dance. Despite being a Korean myself, I received tremendous stimulation.


Q. Please tell me about Mr. Seu Kim's current activity situation.

A. I am currently a Swedish Royal Ballet Company and I am learning as a one-year trainee.


Q. Thank you for your advice to the ballet dancer who will participate in the TWBT last.

A. I think the most important thing is to experience on the stage rather than going to the contest. I am always looking for what to dance for as a dancer.