Kotone Yamada

TWBT received the Senior Division · Silver Award. She won a scholarship and participated in the Korea International Ballet Competition and was awarded with the splendid Korea Ballet Foundation Award. In addition to 2016 Shanghai International Ballet Competition to the finalists. I interviewed Ms. Kotone Yamada (Yamada Ballet Studio).

Q. Please tell us what you are careful about and doing important with your regular lesson.

A. I am aware of feeling the trunk, being conscious of the Priere, and using Andrews firmly using the adductor muscle. I am trying not to drop my eyes absolutely recently. Because I feel like falling down.


Q. Please tell me the chance to participate in TWBT.

A. It is silly to see Sensei Kenichi's share on Facebook. There was no qualifying, the 1st tournament was only one variant, it was a time when there was no stage so I decided to participate thinking that I will not drop my body. I also got interested that it is interesting that not being the right to study overseas school and the right to participate in an international competition is also interesting.


Q. Please tell us what you think is good to join TWBT.

A. Although I was in a hurry, I was delighted that there was a contemporary workshop by Professor Yukie Nakamura. Of course, of course, it was also a blessing that the judges 'teacher' s judge seat was with comment. Also, celebrating T - shirts are also cute and I love you ♡


Q. I will ask about Korea International Ballet Competition (KIBC). What kind of variation did you dance at KIBC?

A. Qualifying was a variation of Medora and Allerkinada, semi-decisive battle contemporary work, decisive battle Esmeralda and Cupid danced.


Q. How did you spend during the KIBC period?

A. I went to a supermarket convenience store or supermarket and bought me a rice, I rode a subway with the children of other contestants who got along well when I did not have an appraisal, shopping a lot in my downtown called Myeongdong ♪ I was able to enjoy Korea because I could have dinner at a restaurant in the city, talked with everyone in the room and sightseeing.


Q. What was your impression of another country's ballet dancer during KIBC participation?

A. As a Korean dancer, both girls and boys were surprised at first by the goodness of the style. It is the same Asians, it is a country next to me, why is that so different ...? After that Korean dancers really dance faithfully! It is! I thought that it was completely different from Japanese people that gorgeous dancing that is not defeated by the gaudiness of costumes is totally different. In addition, I met Chinese, Mongolian, Ukrainians ... with various countries' dancers, but some dancers who are already active as professionals in their own country have a performance that will instantly make audiences a fan I was also excited together and watched from the sleeve.


Q. Please tell us about your current activities of Ms. Kotone Yamada.

A. I am teaching my juniors at my parents' ballet studio and I am rehearsing the stage which I will perform at the end of the year. External performances and guest appearances to the outside classroom recital are also a few refrains, and thankfully the schedule of the stage is a good pace ♪ I will keep the base in the studio and looks interesting in the future I'd like to actively participate in the stage! It is!


Q. Finally, please give advice to the ballet dancer who will participate in the TWBT in the future.

A. No way I never thought that from the one day contest, I went to Korea and from there I will be connected to China again. I do not know where the opportunity is rolling. And please do not give up even if you do not do it once or twice. I myself have never won a prize in my school days and have been able to evaluate since I was an adult. I want you to continue trying, and study contemporary as well as classical as well. I absolutely need it in overseas competitions and I think that the range of expressions will surely expand further.