Kurimu Urabe

I interviewed Ms. Kurimu Urabe who participated in the Korea International Ballet Competition (KIBC) final selection.

Q. How did you get involved in KIBC?

A. I studied abroad for three years and decided to participate in this competition as recommended by the principal of Belarus National Bolshoi Ballet School which I graduated last year.


Q. What kind of variation did you dance at the competition?

A. Classical examination is contemporary with alle kinnada, Esmeralda, queen of the forest from Don Quixote and Pakita.


Q. What was your first impression when you participated in the competition?

A. Overall it was impressive or impressive, even though I was tired late at night after the appraisal, I was pleased to follow the venue and pick up the hotel by bus.


Q. How did you spend during the period?

A. There was a workshop in the morning and after that I got self-study (short time) in the rehab room if I wanted. On the appraisal day, we performed a stage rehearsal and then took a rest in the dressing room until the start of the evening appraisal, so I was able to prepare make-ups and hair ornaments without hurting.


Q. What was the impression of another country's ballet dancer?

A. When I saw them at a hotel, a venue, etc., I felt that everyone was greeted and talked to the waiting time and everyone was friendly.


Q. Did you have anything different from the competition in Japan?

A. Classic can rehearse one person at a time on stage and rehearsal, so I can confirm the actual atmosphere of the stage before actual production, I think that it is totally different from the one to do at a large number of competitions like the Japanese contest. In contemporary, I was able to order the lighting according to the dance. The feeling I felt was that the atmosphere of the whole competition was different from the competition in Japan, I felt like I was able to dance like a concert without much feeling that the air was tight.


Q. How was the atmosphere of the audience?

A. After the performance there are applause and bravo.


Q. Were there other scholarships, etc. in addition to the awards?

A. There seems to be a special scholarship for local and South Koreans.


Q. Is there anything that you think is good to join KIBC?

A. I was able to experience and participate in a workshop by overseas judges by daily change while participating in the competition, such as different combinations and ways of teaching by the teacher.


Q. Can you tell me about Ms. Urabe's activity situation then?

A. After the Korea Competition, he won third prize at the International Yury Grigorovich Competition "Young Ballet of the World" Sochi held in Sochi, Russia. At the Belarus National Ballet School where I studied abroad for three years I danced the lead role Marsha in the Nutcracker of the school performance. After graduation he joined the Belarusian National Bolshoi Ballet in September 2015. Participate in a tour performance in Germany between December 2015 and January 2016.


Q. Thank you for your advice to dancers who will join KIBC in the future.

A. Classic Variation I think it is difficult to prepare 4 songs and contemporary, but I think that it will be a very good experience as it is an environment where you can dance comfortably. By the way, there were people who accepted English and Russian as well as Korean as receptionist and staff.