Mana Sasaki

TWBT received the senior division · Gold Award. She won a scholarship and participated in the Korea International Ballet Competition and was awarded with the splendid Korea Ballet Foundation Award. In addition, he received Recognition Awards at 2016 Shanghai International Ballet Competition. I interviewed Ms. Mana Sasaki (Es Ballet Studio).

Q. Please tell us what you are careful about and doing important with your regular lesson.

A. I listen carefully to the daily physical condition. I think that it is very important to know your faults and individuality well.


Q. Please tell me the chance to participate in TWBT.

A. When I thought that I would like to participate in an international competition, I learned that Japan preliminaries will be held and participated.


Q. Please tell us what you think is good to join TWBT.

A. I think it was good to see teachers from various countries to dance. Korea also had support of TWBT and I was very encouraged.


Q. I will ask about Korea International Ballet Competition (KIBC). What kind of variation did you dance at KIBC?

A. We danced five songs: Esmeralda, Gullnara, Allequinada, Odile and contemporary.

How did you spend during the KIBC period?

In the morning there was a day to do the stage rehearsal for about 5 minutes per person with class every day. On the day without appraisal I enjoyed walking around the hotel from the afternoon and enjoyed sightseeing.


Q. What was your impression of another country's ballet dancer during KIBC participation?

A. There was a lot of friendly people. I often gave a greeting and talked to each other.


Q. Please tell me about the activity situation of Ms. Mana Sasaki at the moment.

A. I'm going to rehearse for the stage in the studio now.


Q. Finally, please give advice to the ballet dancer who will participate in the TWBT in the future.A. I think that the contest and the performance will not change on one stage. I think that it is important to dance carefully as a work even in a variation of one song, to maintain a moderate tension by concentrating.