Mizuki Ueno

Interviewed Ms. Mizuki Ueno who participated in the Korea International Ballet Competition (KIBC) final selection.

Q. How did you get involved in KIBC?

A. I participated in 2014, 15 years, it was solo at the beginning and Pado du next year. In the beginning people who participated in acquaintances of ballet relations, who participated with the recommendation of that person.


Q. What kind of variation did you dance at the competition?

A. When I went out as a solo, I danced contemporary dance with Talisman, Gamzati, Princess Drucinea and Diana.


Q. What was your first impression when you participated in the competition?

A. I think that each person has a different feeling, but there was no feeling like being too tired, there was atmosphere that made me think that it was a battle with myself rather than competition with people somehow.


Q. How did you spend during the period?

A. I received rehearsals and workshops on time, I slowly relaxed at the hotel, I walked around the city a little and was relaxing. After I finished dancing, I watched the dance of other participants from the audience seats.


Q. What was the impression of another country's ballet dancer?

A. I felt a lot of friendly people, as I felt less tense nervously. There were also impressions that senior classes and others especially enjoyed the competition.


Q. How was the atmosphere of the rehearsal and workshop?

A. The workshop was separated from the Korean people and foreigners, and at first it was nervous, but the teacher was gentle and calm lesson was able to be done. The rehearsal was quite difficult due to the fact that the time was late, the order was changed, and happening, but it was serious but I was able to do it properly.


Q. What is the place different from the competition in Japan?

A. In Japan, I think that there are many contests to organize several stage rehearsals at once, but at international international competitions, we can perform stage rehearsals one by one in minutes. There are more variations that you have to dance than five in total and one in Japan.


Q. How was the atmosphere of the audience?

A. Although it seemed that there were not so many audiences during the qualifying, the lottery was going on a lot and I felt like I was playing a concert personally. Still the seat to the judges was far and the audience was far behind that, so I did not feel overwhelmed.


Q. Were there other scholarships, etc. in addition to the awards?

A. In the beginning, I got a Technique Prize besides Diploma, the second was Diploma and Special Award.


Q. Is there anything that you think is good to join KIBC?

A. I felt a different atmosphere from the contest in Japan. Although there were a lot of people in Korea, still being able to participate in contests with people from various countries, I became stimulated variously in lessons and other parts as well as dancing.


Q. Can you tell me about Ms. Ueno's activity situation after that?

A. I am currently dancing at the Buryat National Opera and Ballet Theater in Russia.


Q. Thank you for your advice to dancers who will join KIBC in the future.

A. I can not advise ... but as a sweat participant ... I concentrate firmly on my own dancing, but of course I feel relaxed in other relaxing places, I think that sharpness is important. I think that it would be nice if you do not fill yourself and you can afford to look around. (Is not it good skill, is it like a margin of mind?)